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Custom Claims Provider implementation for SharePoint. Claims Playground.

SharePoint 2013 support has been added

Have you ever wanted to add SPGroup into an existing Group?
Have you ever asked to implement hierarchical permission dependencies ?

If so dowload and try out this project.

Here i'm using Managed Metadata to store Hierarchical set of Hierarchical Roles,
User profile as a Mapping: User => Roles
And.. Claims Provider to handle all othe permission related stuff...

Used technologies:
User Profile
Managed Metadata

All you need is:

1) Enable Claims for web app.

2) Define hierarchy using Managed Metadata Service Application


3) Define User Profile properties


4) Select Meta Membership Claims Role via People Picker (everywhere you want to set permission)


5) You'll have permissions assigned


6) Check Permission


Tags: SharePoint, Permission, Claims, Managed Metadata, User Profile

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